Always the children

Custom alphabet name art

These fabulous one-of-a-kind images are created by an artist, especially for your child or family. Each collage is made up of individual photographs, representing letters and illustrations captured from everyday life. The result is a unique image, filled with vibrant colors and diverse shapes.
The birth of the artist's first daughter in May of 2003 inspired him to look for original decoration for her surroundings. The culmination of this process resulted in the creation of a collection of photographic collages geared towards decoration and education for children of all ages. 
His complete collection includes alphabets, illustrated alphabets, illustrated color images, as well as the custom-made name and family collages seen here. Please contact us directly for any custom orders, photo submissions, additional sizes, etc.
The final image is printed in the form of a gallery quality digital C-print. The images can come as a print, or framed. Choose the size of the image, then select framed or unframed.

Please enter the child's name in the box provided.
Please allow at least 4-6 weeks for custom work. Make sure to give your current e-mail address for proof submission.