Always the children

Once upon a time there was a mother who was a children's clothing designer and international children's market representative. On her trips to France her friends would inquire about what she was doing and her response would be “Toujours les enfants”.


Always the Children

Her dream was to open a shop that would showcase the fabulous finds she discovered.

When her older daughter, a publicist and special events planner at a record label had her first baby, they realized a void in the market for an old-fashioned, family-run, full-service shop; a place where you could find everything you want with spectacular choices in a warm, friendly atmosphere.

For even the busiest parent knows that the center of life is forever, Always the children.

Joined by her younger daughter, also a publicist in the music industry, the three combined their visions and talents to create a magical place where dreams of beautiful childhoods are fulfilled. Always the children is pleased to offer you personalized customer service. Here is just a glimpse of what we do. Come visit us often as we frequently expand and vary our selections. So let your imagination run wild. We turn beautiful ideas in exquisite realities.

Please call or email us for more information on our extensive decorating services, gift registry and personal shopping.

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